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Seven Reasons You Need Fresh Professional Headshots

If you're considering updating your professional headshots, it's probably time to do so! Updating your personal professional headshots with Gliss is easier than ever before. Together, we'll discuss your brand personality, industry, style, and goals to ensure we create images that facilitate your authentic professional success. Whether it's an outdoor session with natural light, in-studio, or a combination of both, we're ready to accommodate your unique needs! And just in case you're still on the fence, here are seven more reasons to book your next Headshot session with the Gliss Consulting Team. 1. Credibility + Professionalism: Your first impression is rarely when a new customer or client first steps through your door. More often, potential clients, employers, and collaborators will have visited your social media profiles or website well before you meet face to face. A professional headshot ensures you appear credible and confident.

2. Help Customers and Clients Get to Know You: When people visit your website, they want to get to know you and your business. A professional headshot serves as a great introduction. However, if your headshot is outdated, shows a drastically different appearance, or is a cropped grainy snapshot from a family event, it probably isn't an accurate reflection of who you are professionally.

3. Set Yourself Apart: A great profile photo on LinkedIn can set you apart from the competition. If you've noticed the number of people without one, it's easy to see the advantage of having a professional headshot.

4. Help Connections Remember You: A current professional headshot serves as a great visual cue for others to remember you by. The next time someone needs your services, you'll be the first person they think of!

5. Consistency and Branding: Branding isn't just for companies or products; it applies to individuals as well. Many companies lack consistent professional headshots for their employees. Imagine the value of having a team where each person looks professional, consistent, and like part of a unified team. It's not just beneficial for the company image but also for the individuals employed by it.

6. Get Found Online: Optimized photos can help your website perform better in search engine results. From Google Images to overall search results, having optimized headshots can significantly improve your online visibility.

7. Marketing Versatility: Photos are versatile and valuable content for marketing your business online. Headshots can be used across your entire web presence, including your website, blog, and social media profiles. In print, they can be used in brochures, business cards, and all forms of promotional materials. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to elevate your professional image? Contact the experienced Gliss Consulting Team and get ready to elevate your brand.


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