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Unlock Success: 5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

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Your true partners in growing your brand!

Embarking on the journey to a stellar online presence? Before you dive in, let's make sure you're equipped with the right questions to choose the perfect web designer. At Gliss Consulting, where law meets design, we bring a unique perspective and a commitment to accessibility, putting the power of your website back in your hands. Here are five crucial questions to ask your potential web designer.

1. Do They Understand the Legal Landscape?

At Gliss, our distinctive edge stems from more than just being web designers and small business owners; we also bring a legal background to the table. Our insights and experiences extend beyond the traditional realm of design, infusing a distinctive approach into every project.

2. Is Accessibility a Priority?

Accessibility isn't just a checkbox for us; it's a cornerstone. We believe an accessible website is key to business growth. Ask your designer how they approach accessibility to ensure your site is welcoming to all. At Gliss, we are proud of our Wix Accessibility Certification and use our experience to ensure your website and web presence can be enjoyed by all.

3. Who Owns the Keys to Your Website?

With Gliss, we don't hold your website hostage. As the owner of your website, you will never wait weeks (or months!) for an update because we empower you with the knowledge and tools to manage your site. We provide training, so you're in control.

4. Consistent Branding: Do They Provide a Brand Guide?

A cohesive brand is vital. We go the extra mile by delivering a user-friendly Brand Guide with every project, ensuring consistent and impactful brand representation across all platforms.

5. Are Training and Support Included?

Knowledge is power, and we want to empower you. With every website, we offer a complimentary 1-hour training session and are always happy to answer additional questions. Learn the intricacies of your site and maximize its potential.

Choosing a web designer is a significant decision. Armed with these five questions, you're on the path to a website that not only looks fantastic but also aligns with your business goals. At Gliss Consulting, we're not just designers; we're partners in your success. Ready to transform your web presence? Let's chat!


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