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Do your branding and website have sufficient color contrast?

A green background with a variety of colored pencils lined up creating a wave.

Here at Gliss, we live to create branding that is timeless, inviting, inclusive, and inspiring! Most importantly, we don't stop there. We work with to ensure each client's website and branding are accessible and easy-t0-enjoy by the consumer. One important way to accomplish this is to utilize sufficient color contrast on your website.

Color Contrast is the difference in light between your font or foreground imagery and the background of your digital imagery or content. It impacts the readability of your content on the web and in print and is especially important for low vision users or for users who are colorblind. The highest color contrast ratio is 21:1 (black and white). Best practices, and web accessibility guidelines, recommend a ratio of at least 4.5:1. However, to ensure even more people can enjoy your content and branding, we recommend striving for a color contrast of 7:1.

You can test your color contrast by using the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker. This (really handy) tool allows you to check and adjust your brand colors to ensure they meet the highest standards for accessibility.

When building your brand, we design colors and fonts to be accessible and enjoyable for as many audiences as possible. If you are looking to develop (or redevelop) your brand, Gliss can help.


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