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The ABCs of Blogging (and Why it Matters)

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The Gliss Team Essentials.

At Gliss, we always encourage our clients to blog. Blogging may feel like a bit of a throwback, but hear us out. Blogging has several benefits for your web presence. Allow us to tell you why blogging matters.

  1. Blogging creates fresh content for your website and creates a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost. By regularly updating your blog with new content, you keep your website fresh and focused on your target audience. This is great for helping more clients find your website.

  2. Blogging is a great way to help generate more backlinks. Backlinks occur when one website links back to your website. Sometimes these are called “inbound” or “incoming links”. The more credible and popular the website that links to yours, the better for your web presence.

  3. We are always encouraging our clients to work smarter, not harder (you already hustle so hard!) and blogging can also produce stellar social media content. One blog entry can be shared directly to your social followers and/or you can use your blog to create several social media posts about you brand or product. Remember, consistent content builds credibility.

Convinced? Great! Now let us share a few tips for making blogging more fun!

  • Authentic. The best blog entries KIR (keep it real) and highlight the best of what you have to offer to your ideal clients and customers. Use your style to communicate to your audience. Need help finding your voice, look no further. Gliss loves helping our clients see the absolute best in themselves.

  • Brief. Some of best and most compelling blog posts are short. Offering a few client-focused tips, sharing a recent court case summary, or spotlighting one of your services is often plenty of content for a healthy blog post. Keep it organized and direct for the greatest impact.

  • Consistent. We get it- another thing to add to your marketing to-do list! However, consistent blogging helps you stay organized with your target messaging, can easily generate related social media content, and forces you to update your website. Try blogging once a month for the next 3 months and let us know how it goes. We think you will enjoy the benefits.

As always, your favorite coffee-drinking-lawyers-turned marketers are here for you if you get stuck. We love creating a good blog strategy and have been known to generate a long list of blog topics for our clients.

Contact us if we can help!


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