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3 reasons you need a brand guide

coffee beans and cups spilled on a surface with one cup standing up with  a "Brand" label  on it.
3 Reasons You need a Brand Guide

Brand Guides are more than just a pretty package. Here are three reasons why you need a brand guide for your business.

  1. A Brand Guide will help keep your team and your partners on the same page when communicating with the public, potential clients, and customers. No more guessing about that exact hex code or font name. Everything is together and organized.

  2. A Brand Guide builds reputation and trust. When your customers can see your brand represented consistently, they will learn to recognize and trust you.

  3. A Brand Guide saves you money while also enabling you to quickly access colors, fonts, and other brand assets exactly when you need them.

When you #getgliss, you can rest assured you won't leave our care without an easy-to-use (and share) Brand Guide for your business!

🌿We are your one stop growth shop. Contact us to learn more about how you can build your brand with us.


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